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broknwingzangel's Journal

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~*Angel Pixie*~
20 September
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I'm an ametuer writer who loves just about everybody (unless duely noted) and loves correcting people when they say something wrong; meaning I correct other people's grammer, not ususally my own. I have great friends who love me and I love them, a really great boyfriend whom I love dearly. I, like any normal person, have people I dislike, not so much hate just strongly dislike and in turn they dislike me back. I hate it when people are so self-minded they tend to call me a poser, when in all actualality I never claim to be anything, I am myself and I am pretty damn good at that. So if that makes me a poser so be it. I am against this war with Iraq, for the simple fact that Bush could have found a better way other than WAR to settle this problem that's been going on since before Dessert Storm. My boyfriend wants to go to war, it's kind of funny how I can be anti-war and he be pro-war... is it not? My way of thinking Fuck Bush and fuck Saddam.

Angel Pixie Monkey

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