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Life's Gonna Be Long And Boring

It's funny how so many people can think that you are something and then call you fake. Earlier on this week I was called a poser, because of my black clothing and make-up. However, somedays I would wear something that would be classified as "Preppy" but all I can say is, 'this is me, you don't like it, deal with it!'
I have a little problem when people classify me as something when for one I never said I was that and two call me a fake for that. I can dress like a goth if I want to, I can dress like a raver if I want to, I can dress how ever freakin' way I want to dress. Say if I wanted to wear something that would be under "gothic" terms and something that would be under say "preppy", who has the right to say that I am fake?

Ok another thing that I would like to get off of my chest. My friend recently told me that my guy friend has this really bad crush on me. His name would just so happen to be Adam, a sophmore at my school. He's 16. My friend told me that, then stated that I was screwed up to still be dating Kellen and I should date Adam. Then said that she really liked him and all that crap and that she wouldn't date him because she knows that he's absolutely infactuated with me. I'm sorry but I don't date male friends if I have known them longer tham a year and I also don't dump someone that I'm madly in love with for a friend whom if the relationship fails and we were really attacted then that freindship we once had would be absolutely ruined. Sorry not going to happen.
I don't care what people say, but I love Kellen, with everything in my heart and more. Since Jeff I haven't felt quite like this, and I really missed the feeling, I really did. This one I'm actually going to marry, and if I don't I'll probably never ever date again or I'll probably be put into a mental institution at my age for going completely crazy.

But anyway I'm going to go it's 1:08 in the morning.

~*Anel Pixie Monkey*~
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